The Flip


The Pentacle Virus drove Man to the brink of extinction.  Humanity is determined to complete the job. 


The Pentacle Virus had the ability to infect almost every living warm-blooded animal. It spread across the planet in the early summer of 2016.  I am not sure how long the disease spread and wreaked havoc but communication lines went down by mid-summer, the world wide web would no longer connect around the same time.  The news networks and radio stations were off the air shortly thereafter with their final broadcasts being confirmation of the death of POTUS and the complete breakdown of the federal government. All social services, including the armed forces were shut down.

The world was thrown into the dark ages and the poor souls who contracted the new Pentacle strain had little to no hope of survival. The vast majority who caught it, died within a twelve to thirty-six-hour period; regardless of health, age, gender, or race.  Those that survived the thirty-six-hour period, in general, were stricken with continuous pneumonia type symptoms that eventually caused the individual's death.  Most within two weeks.

In the early days of Pentacle awareness, conspiracy theorist blamed the government, accusing them of building biological weapons. If they did, they forgot to develop the antidote first.

The Muslims blamed the infidels, the Vatican declared it was “Wrath of God”, and atheist supremist blamed all society for global warming. 

Personally, I think the Good Lord and Mother Nature had had enough of the parasitic homo sapien ruining the planet.

It's now 2020 A.D. or 0004 A.P. (After Pentacle), depending on how you relate to things since the world flipped.  The existence that Dinky knew prior to the pandemic, died four years ago.  The microscopic warrior devastated ninety percent of the global human and animal population. The remaining individuals have no laws, no government, no social services or communication. Survival of the Fittest is the current standard.  

Travelling on foot to a town 35 miles away, Dinky must expand his scavenging area to find the needed medication for his wife Sarah. 

Will he survive the perils of the trip or will he be just another victim of, The Flip?

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About the Author

Author Name : Doyle Weldon Knight

     Doyle Weldon Knight, is a novelist, short story author, occasional poet, and subsea engineering consultant that lives in central Louisiana. Thirty-seven-years with a beautiful southern belle, daddy to three admirable citizens, and a forty-year career in the oilfield industry. A life-long reader, with a preference for the macabre and supernatural, in 2016, he discovered writing. Becoming semi-retired in 2018, he pursued bringing his writing to the reading world. His short story, The Matriarch Sin, can be found in, Halloween Party 2019, by Devil's Party Press. His self-published debut novel, The Flip, a dystopian, post-pandemic story of survival, was released August 2020 in eBook and Paperback, and can be found in most online book retailers. His first full length novel, The Flip, was released August 1, 2020.


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Things that make you

Stop and smile

Focus and pause

A little while

What captures your eye

And makes you look

What grabs your soul

And sets the hook

Passions we have

We can’t ignore

To what we’re driven

We must explore

Chef in the kitchen

Begins to cook

Feels like the bishop

That got the rook

A builder steps back

Admires the house

Proud as a cat

That caught the mouse

The musician plays

And performs the song

To which the crowds

Sing along

We all have gifts

It’s only fair

They benefit others

And we must share

Some are inherent

Others unique

Most take work

To hone technique

We live our lives

The way we must

It’s vital our compass

Collects no dust

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