I Can Do Stories book1


A book of positive stories for children 3 to 7 years

Discover how Sammy the Seagull lost his fear of heights.

Will The Wave learn to Wave?

Enter the magical land of Olly The Octopus and See how he solves those bedtime worries.

About the Author

Author Name : Sally Tears

     Many, many years ago I was fortunate enough to have not only been born in Yorkshire (UK) but into the most amazing family who taught me that if you wanted something then with hard work and belief you could have it. I have been able to achieve so many wonderful things in my life just by following what really is a simple premise but more importantly I have also been able to help many others to become successful and follow their dreams. I started my career as a professional singer aged 16 with an all girl band called The Ivy Benson Band and we brought out a pop group from within the band called Sally and the Alley Cats (long before the Spice Girls were probably born) we made records, videos did TV etc but then I met the man of my dreams and became a wife and mother. I still loved the idea that performing builds such confidence in young people that I also started a part time business teaching speech and drama leading to LAMDA qualifications. Working with young people is so inspirational, helping them develop not only their confidence but their imagination and that led to me writing stories and plays.


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