Sucking the blood out of people was all fiction; those were dreadfully terrible times. But we have come many years from whence we came. Sadly, we have a president who did unimaginable things that would even make Alfred Hitchcock blush. Yes, it's all about him, the president that is, that's like a cancerous sore that never heals; it keeps him wanting more and more regardless of who he had to kill to get what he wants. Whether they're king or Queen or gay or straight, it didn't mean a hill of beans. He was in for the long haul, no one the wiser of his dastardly deeds. His thirst for blood was mind-bending. He didn't discriminate as to who the victims were; he took them as they came. Once you read the story, I hope you agree that this guy was one badass crazy idiot that the world had ever seen and may never see again, and you may know why I chose the title of the book coined “ZOMBIE.” Basically and succinctly, Zombie is like the new kid on the block that can stretch one's imagination toward the bizarre and can be a slight bit kinky at times. It can take one's vision on a helluva ride. 

Lastly, yes, there is no biting on the neck or tooth marks. I hope you ENJOY and find the book a page-turner, especially on a thunderous stormy night with the rain pouring down in torrents and ominous lightning streaking across the pitch-black sky.

In across the board, ZOMBIE is about a demented chief executive officer extinguishing Kings and Queens and head of nations, anyone in between that gets in his way, and snatching women, detaining them, controlled by a modern type of horror in a shirt and tie, smooth-talking, willing as far as kill to have his way.

About the Author

Author Name : Clifford Benjamin

     I am a quiet person and friendly to most, and like helping people that need assistance. In addition, I have written a sum total of 16 books with an aim to write 20 books in all. My latest book is “ZOMBIE,” which I am proud to have the chance to write. Actually, the poor conditions we are living under in this country helped to inspire me to write ZOMBIE, such as having a president that doesn't give a damn about what people think about him regardless of what he does. The riot at the capitol was the breaking point not to mention how his actions helped influence law inforcement to out-and-out kill innocent black people and persons of color with them getting off without a scratch and not serving a day in jail. The George Floyd incident was different because a large amount of white people woke up and decided what Officer Chauvin did was way out of line while the president didn't say anything about the officers actions. Furthermore, he actually wanted the military to be brought in to fight against Black Lives Matter demostrators who were peaceful throughout. There is not enough room here for me to state all the wrong he did here and aboard, and then boldly told the white women in the suburbs that he saved them from the blacks destroying their neighborhoods. It became clear to me his actions were actions of a mad man all the while as the bigoted republicans said nothing accept that the president was a member of the their party. My God, the man's wreckless deeds killed thousands of innocents while the world watched in disbelief. Never before did this nation have a president that did not give a damn who cared. That's why I coined him to be a ZOMBIE, a monster of all monsters like Robert E. Lee, Hitler, Stalin, Alexander the Great, who had his General to burn down the temples in Egypt that held all the knowledge accumulated over centuries, that resulted in prominent white men stating that what Alaxander did set the world back centuries and the world would have been more advanced. Check it out if you doubt what I claim. Yes, from the looks of things guys like the president comes around about every 50 years or so, not to mention his devoted followers who are also the equivalent of a monster, a real live ZOMBIE far more dangerous than the kind seen in movies. Hopefully, enough people will wake up and do something about the ZOMBIES on our streets, and everywhere. You can bet your bottom dollar, it has gotten so bad they are even in the Senate. Can't you see the simularity to a ZOMBIE. If you don't, you're just kidding yourself and fooling everyone that believe in you. I say to the world “WAKE UP” the ZOMBIES have arrived more now than ever.


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