To Heaven and Back With Angels


This is a very interesting book that tells the true story about how the author had a brief visit to Heaven during his brain surgery and had many unexplained experiences after this. It truly is an amazing story that everyone should read. He explains in detail what happens to us when we die and how we actually (get) to heaven. He spoke with Angels there and he explains that the love for us is so strong that you can actually (Feel) their love. If you are curious about Heaven, the afterlife, Angels, well this book is for you! 

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About the Author

Author Name : Timothy A. Peak

     The Author is a 58 year old male from western Pennsylvania that enjoys anything outdoors and loves life in general. He became very curious of the afterlife and his visit to Heaven. He was told to come back and tell as many people about this journey and what others may encounter during their journey to Heaven. The priests at his church thought a book would be a great way to do this. The book was written and many people are enjoying his story. I hope you will read this and tell as many people as YOU know to spread this word. Enjoy...


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