Stuck Inside a Vinyl Record


Book blurb N°1: Mysterious disappearances, a record player buried underground, four Beatles stuck inside a vinyl record, a yellow submarine, and a scientific experiment, are only a few of the storylines about The Beatles that no one's ever heard before. Now it's time they came to light!
Join the band for crazy adventures as they walk into the heart of material imagination and drink up notes and words from a magical fountain–in territories completely unchartered by humans…until now!
Venturing into unknown territory always entails some risk…but you'll be alright as long as you follow me. So dive right in and find out what happens between the two sides of a 45-rpm record!
Loved by many, 'Stuck Inside a Vinyl Record' is a tale for all ages about a limitless universe filled with humour, thrill, and poetry.
SIAVR is just.... A Quirky Tale with the Beatles,
A Universal Story for all the People,
An Amazing Experience for all the Family!
------------------------------------- Book blurb N°2:
You think you know the Beatles? Think again!
After receiving hundreds of letters in the mail from fans all around the world reporting that they have found themselves stuck inside their vinyl records time and time again, Beatle John decides to see for himself what these people mean, and if such a thing is possible. At first, he thinks it's surely an exaggeration…or is it?
Nothing could have prepared him, Paul, George, and Ringo for what followed next…
Join the four Beatles in the funny and thrilling adventures that made them who they truly are. The journey to fame is a tricky one, and it may hide perils they never imagined, but a magical mystery tour awaits, and you are all invited!
Upon reviving the most iconic scenes along the journey to fame, from the crowded pubs of Liverpool to Beatlemania and the moon, behind the scenes and the unforgettable tunes and melodies, lie four completely different personalities with an undying sparkle in their eyes, soul in their songs, and poetry in their lyrics.
Ever wondered how they got their name? What was the one rule they would never break when it came to their hairstyles? What did her Royal Highness the Queen of England say after hearing their songs? The answers may surprise you. Destiny is calling…so step inside, and listen at your own risk!
'Stuck Inside a Vinyl Record' is a contemporary tale starring The Beatles like you've never seen them before! It is a moving, original tale on the beloved band that defined music for generations and changed everything we knew with their courage and their unparalleled charisma forever.
------------------------------------------ Reception:
Hi Dream_weaver 909,
We have circulated your book via email to our readers.
We have been asked by some where they can obtain a physical copy and the feedback has been positive.
It is a lovely mix of fact and fiction that can appeal to all ages.
Can you supply us with information as to where readers can obtain a hard copy of the book?
It would be useful if a review is published as well in one of our magazines.
All the Best,
Ernie, Treasurer BBFC (British Beatles fan club).

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About the Author

Author Name : Dream_weaver 909

     Dream_weaver 909 was born in France, but he has chosen to take permanent residence somewhere inside the infinite world of imagination in Nowhere Land. His love for music began at the age of nine, when he won his first record at a radio competition. The French vinyl record he had won featured an illustration of John Lennon and Paul McCartney on its cover, which was imprinted on his young mind and stayed with him for years. Growing up, he discovered more of their musical adventures through records, cassettes, and books, and thus embarked on a long and fascinating journey. Some say he is still on that journey, even though you may catch him enjoying the Beatles on Spotify these days. When he's not writing his favourite stories, you can find him spending time with his two beloved sons, Killian and Yanis, taking long walks with his friends and neighbours, or listening to more music. Although he is interested in a variety of genres and likes to try new things, he always comes back to the Beatles. He is passionate about delivering original stories and staying true to all that he believes and admires by employing his vivid imagination. Stuck Inside a Vinyl Record is his first novel and an authentic tale like no other that has touched many people around the world.


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