Discovering Your God Self... The Incredible Secrets of Your Spiritual Nature Revealed


Discovering Your God Self...
The Incredible Secrets of Your Spiritual Nature Revealed

The information in this book can be life changing. The path to true fulfillment and unlimited happiness is available to everyone. Discover yourself — your true, spiritual nature and its loving power — and learn to use this information to make better life choices to create your best life.

Higher consciousness living is the result when a deepened awareness of our spiritual nature is developed and nurtured, and this will improve all aspects of life, including your current and future relationships and even the creation of financial success.

This is the intent and power of spirituality.

Discovering Your God Self is filled with valuable, life-changing information and insights that offer a different way of looking at things — a new, self-empowering perspective. The fundamental concepts covered will help you understand your spiritual nature and apply and use this essence in everyday life to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

It's a roadmap! Within its pages, you'll find a comprehensive look at spirituality and how it impacts all areas of life. It's not about religion. It is about becoming aware of the spiritual essence within and employing this power with deliberate precision to create a life of your own choosing.

Here's Some of What You'll Discover:

  • The five critical components of your spiritual nature — the Spiritual Selves
  • How to become consciously aware of, access, and use the spiritual essence within
  • How to master the conflicting aspects of your spiritual nature so you can take conscious control of your choices, your life experiences, your results, and your happiness
  • Tools and techniques to access your inner guidance and intuition
  • Much more...

Spirituality and the concept of being 'spiritual' are often misunderstood.

Thousands of years ago, spirituality was defined and practiced differently than it is today. In most cases progress is good — necessary. In the spiritual realm, however, the opposite has proven true. The comprehensive understanding of our spiritual nature and its usefulness to help us choose and create a life of real happiness, genuine love, and even financial prosperity has been forgotten or ignored.

Discovering Your God Self explores these lost aspects of spirituality, offering a concrete foundation and greater understanding of the creative power within, and explains how to use this information to expand awareness, uplift consciousness, and create a happier and more love-filled life experience.

Better Choices = Better Life Experiences
Our life experiences, successes, and failures are the result of the choices we make, so understanding the hidden drivers behind our decisions is critical. These drivers are at work within you right now, even as you read this, likely operating to influence your decisions in a stealthy way, outside your conscious awareness. Without awareness, these drivers quietly influence your choices and can lead to a life that sometimes might seem arbitrary.

The information shared in this book can be transformative, offering tools to for a deeper understanding of life and yourself, and will bring needed awareness of these often-hidden influencers that drive our choices and behaviors.

You are worthy and deserving of everything you desire.

When the information in this book is understood and applied, your life will transform. You will be armed with a new awareness to make better choices — conscious choices — which will lead to different experiences, new levels of awareness and consciousness, and life-altering wisdom.

This is the practical application of spirituality.

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About the Author

Author Name : Bruce Bernstein

     Bruce Bernstein is a published author, speaker, student/teacher of spirituality, and creator of The Transformative Spiritual Experience. Beginning in the early 1980's, he was guided to a new life perspective and now shares this information and wisdom, which he acquired through years of introspective, self-examination.


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