Bad Ivory


The British SAS train a group of army volunteers for a clandestine mission into Africa for the sole purpose of eliminating elephant poachers.

Before the team go to Africa, Grant, our main protagonist has a street fight and kills someone.
(The Boss) Major Sinclair has to help extricate his man from the clutches of the British police.
In Africa, a poacher is shot in the back and the media gets hold of the story, the British government
ship them to Tanzania where their sergeant is killed and this is when the British government loses its nerve and recalls the team back to England.
The team are now depressed and desperate to get back to Africa to finish their job. 
The Boss talks the Kenyan government into funding another mission, but shortly after they arrive they find the Kenyan military officer in charge is taking bribes from the ivory poachers.
This leads to a vicious gun battle leaving a large number of Kenyan troops dead.
Whilst fleeing Africa, The Boss has an idea, and on his return to England, he talks MI6 into
splitting his men into two-man teams to hunt down the cause of the problem. The money men, "The Ivory Dealers."
He gets MI6 to send them around the world seeking out and eliminating dealers one by one.
Things change when one team kill and steal millions of dollars in gold and cash from an ivory dealer in Florida allowing them to become independent and return to Africa and finish the job on their own terms.

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About the Author

Author Name : Phil Mitchell

     Phil started working for The Daily Express in Fleet Street, and at the age of 16, he was the youngest person ever to be put in charge of a department within The Beaverbrook press. He ran Holborn Books until promoted to the editorial department on the Sunday Express. He also worked on Pari Match. His claim to fame was doing a piece on Christine Keeler, and Mandy Rice-Davies during the Profumo Affair. Now with a bad knee, he has had to give up scuba diving and golf, and so it's back to the old "typewriter." It has taken a year, but he has managed to put on 5 kilos sitting around writing. He dabbled with TV scripts, such as Minder, and Citizen Smith. With 4 books. He is working on turning them into film scripts. First, there is: "Guildford Rock" a contemporary romance with a revengeful twist. Then there's the London gangster movie from the book, SORTED based in South London and Mallorca. The Rhombus is a great book about a diamond robbery in the Dominican Republic. The 4th is called Bad Ivory. A team of army volunteers are sent out to Kenya on a covert operation, they have to kill as many elephant poachers as possible.


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Revealed is the depth of love Divine,
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As it was in the garden,
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