Off the Path: How to Get Your Life Off The Road of Failure


For Tierell Goodman, childhood and adulthood were not always glamour- depression, lack of love from family, mistreatment, loneliness, suicidal ideal, fear, betrayal, nightmares from combat, and mental abuse colored his days and haunted his nights. But through self-discipline, determination, mental toughness, hard work through biblical counseling, and keeping his faith in God that was taught by his grandparents, Goodman transformed himself from a depressed and suicidal young man with no hope nor future in one of the world's top endurances known as "Life." The only man in history whose true mission to inspire others so they "Don't Be Bitter...Be Better...and Execute..." in their daily life help others in this human race.

In Off The Path, he shares his astonishing life story and reveals that most of us face various personal battles internally and as if there is no way out. Goodman's inspiration of no hold bar mentality and no more excuses to push past the storm of life, eliminate self-doubt and negative people, accepting and build self-love, view life through glass that is not tinted, and develop a relationship with God to be able to reach their full potential as it is meant to be.

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About the Author

Author Name : Tierell Goodman

     Tierell D. Goodman is the president and founder of T.S. & F. Consultant and Management, LLC, G.I. Jeeps, and G.I. Warriors, Inc a leading entrepreneur of his kind, and a Coach for Heroes-to-Heroes Foundation non-profit organization serving the US military from active duty to veteran communities with a highly successful peer-to-peer combat resiliency and advocate for veterans' compensation benefits. Tierell and his team are highly dedicated to aiding our American military warriors, soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen to include the immediate family. Tierell is a US Air Force combat veteran that de- ployed to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). He is a former Resource Advisor (known as Budget Analyst), Unit Deployment Manager, Postal Specialist/COPE, and Aircrew Flight Equipment Journeyman. He has earned an MBA from the University of Phoenix -Asia, BS from Excelsior College, 2 - AAS from American Military University, 2-AAS from Community College of the Air Force. Tierell was born in Beaumont, Tx. He and his wife, Schantel have been married for twenty-four years and have two children both serving in the military. After deployment, the family personally faced the challenges of combat PTSD and other challenges. Through the struggles of others, Tierell can share his story to mentor and to in- spire others like himself. He is a widely sought-after subject matter expert on veteran compensation claims, PTSD, military and veteran issues, and entrepreneurism for business owners.


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  • A war is raging within my heart
    As I see things around me fall apart
    Worry has a grip on me
    And I do not know what will be
    Why do I let the fear come in?
    When I believe that I am strong
    I will not stand for people judging me
    Because I am more than they can see
    So, it does not matter what you think
    You will not push me to the brink
    Maybe it is time to do a rethink
    About the things you thought of me
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