Eat the Rainbow e-Cookbook, Recipes for Sustainable Healthy Eating


 have two cookbooks in my store.  The first is a DETOX cookbook to offer recipes while you are breaking your addiction to sugar and chemicals from the Standard American Diet.


This set of cookbooks were conceived to support clients COOK and use fresh whole ingredients and healthy store bought ingredients. These recipes will be useful for anyone wanting to eat for their future health.

They were taken from my daily column on Facebook called, From My Rainbow Files.

I have 18 food sensitivities, so these recipes are all from other cooks.  I have linked them all back to the original recipe writer for you to follow their cooking instructions.

What I offer is how to source the healthiest possible ingredients to make these recipes and some of my cooking tips so that you get maximum benefits from these foods.  These are the things that I use in my own meal planning.  I have included links to many of the items I am recommending.  Some are affiliate links, some are not, but they are all the products that I use.  I explain in the recipe explanations as to why I use these ingredients.

You can download this cookbook either by category once purchased, or you can download the entire cookbook.  If you download the complete cookbook, on the left you will find a bookmark listing with a table of contents by category and if you click on the recipe that you want to view, it links right to that recipe for easy usage.

At the end of each section there are two indexes.  A list of all the ingredients that I recommend with their links and a list of all of the cooks that I included in these cookbooks.  I am hoping that after you get the rhythm of what and how I cook, you can find additional recipes to continue to sustain your new healthier eating habits.

I recommend that you start a binder with your favorite recipes in it in alphabetical order.  You will come up with favorites and they will often become your own standbys for you to utilize for your own meal planning.

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About the Author

Author Name : Cheryl Meyer

     When I woke up in extreme pain 10 years ago I made a decision that I was not going to live out my life on pills and in pain. I changed. I researched. I learned. I implemented. Change didn't happen overnight, but each step I took was one step closer to how I wanted to feel. I learned breathing exercises, because my cortisol was almost to Addison's disease, and I knew I was in trouble. I also joined a yoga class to help relieve the stress. I learned to eat totally differently. I knew I needed real live whole foods. That was almost like a no brainer. I researched whether it needed to be organic, and what GMO meant. I made lists of food I would never buy conventional when I went to the market and carried them in my purse. I owned my health. I figured out how to get a better night's sleep. I started moving my body. I bought w I even broke up from my 10 year significant relationship because he didn't want to change how he ate, even when I explained that I had no choice, I wanted to heal. I took a class on how to find the right guy. Made my list of non-negotiable things that I was looking for, went on Our Time (The old fogey dating site) and advertised for a man who wanted to go on a "Get Well Journey" with me. John answered in 3 days, and although it was a national dating site, he lived 10 minutes away from me. We started dating......and then there were two. I had a support person in all my endeavors to turn my health around. I married him 7 years and we have both had remarkable changes to our health. Why am I sharing all of this with you? My mindset changed. I was not going to let anything get in my way. I hurt. Every muscle and every joint in my body hurt. And although my conventional MD had no idea what was wrong with me, I never stopped believing that I could find answers and solutions. And if I could do it, you can do it too. And here I am today. Happy in my marriage no pain. Wanting to help other so that they didn't end up like I did, in bed, scared and in despair, without a clue what to do to change it. What are you willing to do to change your health and your life? Are you open to discovering a better way. Are you open to change? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? I have worked hard to offer solutions through different means. Please take advantage of what I have put together. Always keep your eye on the result. And then find a way. My magazine on health is due out end of May. Watch this space. These are the links to my award-winning books. The first two I wrote are my road map back to health with all the tips I learned along the way. My courses can be life changing. I believe that Ditch the SAD class is foundational to a healthy body and to healing from within by ditching the sugar and the chemicals and harnessing the power of the rainbow and their gifts. And, I have the results now to prove it from all the people who have taken this class with me. I run it quarterly. Get on my mailing list so that when I run it next in June you can join in. I have cookbooks with all my tips on what quality ingredients are and how to prepare the food for the maximum benefit. There is one to support the detox period and one to sustain long term health. My podcasts are on YouTube now. I ran 1st or 2nd on Voice America in 70 countries. I have made them available to all. There are two categories, deep dives into health issues and then interviews with others who also got chronic illness, owned it, and returned to wellness. I did these podcasts to bring you hope and to share all the research that I have done in the past 10 years looking for my own puzzle pieces. I am not the only person who has changed and successfully turned my health around. I want you to hear their stories. And I wanted you to benefit from what I have discovered and from what they all did. I do private coaching, one on one. I call it mentoring, because it is a very intimate deep dive to help you find your puzzle pieces and return to health as well. If you have never hired a coach before it is a treat to have someone who cares, who holds you accountable to your goals, and who helps look for your puzzle pieces. Who better to hire than someone who climbed back up the hill from the depths of pain to success. I can be a tremendous ally to help you ditch your pain and feel great again. And now coming soon, I am publishing my own magazine end of May. I am writing articles on the most important things that I have discovered along the way. I am sharing my functional MD and what makes functional medicine help you find your path. She has utilized both holistic and allopathic solutions. I am sharing my Naturopath, who has a different approach but who has supported things in my body that medications cannot solve. He works from a different point of view that has helped me find new puzzle pieces for my body. I am sharing my favorite all-purpose cleaning product with you. How it was developed by an environmental toxin expert to save her own child's life. And I am introducing her Toss the Toxins Course to lead you on how to clean up your toxic products and environment to clean up your world. Toxic load=inflammation=chronic illness. I am sharing my favorite community, Chemo Buddies for life, and its leader, and the importance of community. What they have been able to accomplish for any person in any kind of trauma through the power of community and love is amazing. And finally, I am sharing the story of a woman with a botched back surgery who also had extreme pain, and her connection to the Tao Community that John and I became close to and learned many holistic approaches to health. “Love Heals” became an award-winning film which is due out on PBS soon. Her story is very compelling, and her partner documented her journey to make this film. This film will inspire you and give you hope and offers a totally different path back to wellness. I am doing this because I want to share that health is a journey, it is not a destination. There are many paths and if you have decided to win at health, they are all available to you. And my role as your health muse is I have gone down all these paths and gleaned the miracles that have changed the trajectory of my health. I have found the obstacles, and I have climbed over them, ducked under them, or gone around them because regaining my health was not a option. And I can help you do all these things as well. I do all this in love. I have discovered deep self-love to accomplish where I am. I am still a work in progress, but my passion is now to help you find your self-love and mindset shift to wellness and to live the life that you have always wanted to live. If you want to set up a "tell me YOUR story" call, the first one is completely free. I need to hear your story, just like I just shared mine. Then if I think I can help you and if you are ready to instigate the change that it will require to heal, we get to work. IM me, or email me at [email protected] It Feels Good to Feel Good. Join me on the road to health and discover the magic. ********************** Ten years ago, I researched, significantly changed my lifestyle and eating habits and ditched my pain of autoimmune disease. I returned to school at 67 so that I can help you. I mentor others to return to wellness through: My award-winning books My books have won 24 awards. My courses My cookbooks: My podcasts: Private mentoring- My super-power is finding holistic solutions for missing puzzle pieces and coaching clients to success for their health using lifestyle habit changes. Contact me at [email protected] for your initial complementary consultation.


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