Silver Voyage



Corporate drop-out Johnny Donohue has his leisurely routine in Florida interrupted when he is called to his home town on Long Island to attend the funeral of Willie Haggerty, the father of his former sweetheart.


What began as the death of an old family friend soon had Johnny digging deeper into the affairs of his former lover and her family. Willie was a brilliant scientist who left the world of weapons development after he saw the horror of the nuclear bomb in World War II.


Early in the war, Willie was assigned to work with Alan Turing, the greatest mathematician in history, to solve the mystery of the German Enigma Machine. Both men worked feverishly to reduce the number of casualties in the war. Their well intentioned contributions to science become the source of greed, murder and fraud.


Johnny follows a series of clues that point to Alan Turing potentially having the key to uncovering a vast Nazi treasure that has eluded international criminals. When it becomes clear that the life of Johnny's former lover is in danger he prepares to take on some big players in the mysterious world of precious metals.


Johnny creates a brilliant plan to find the hidden treasure and protect the reputation of a top atomic scientist. Donohue is playing a difficult game competing against a sea of professionals who will stop at nothing to walk off with secret Nazi treasure.


Meanwhile Johnny's love life is spiraling out of control with the strong pull of his previous world calling to him. Johnny's relationship with Carmen is in dire need of repair after his long absence from her side. Both women may choose another way to go as life's choices may be sending Johnny in a new direction.


About the Author

Author Name : Sandy Mason

     About The Author Sandy Mason is the author of the Johnny Donohue Adventures. Johnny has left the corporate world and settled into life aboard his thirty-four-foot trawler on Florida's beautiful west coast. Trying to live the ‘simple life' in a quiet marina - Johnny finds himself in the middle of a variety of colorful characters. His ‘simple life' is interrupted by a series of unusual crimes that call for some imaginative and unusual investigations. In the background, Johnny's affairs of the heart have a life of their own. Life with beautiful women in a marina can be interesting. Sandy Mason's novels combine his love of sailing and his interest in American History to make for some interesting stories. Johnny's adventures include segments dating back to his grandfather's days in the Spanish American War all the way to a fatal friendly fire incident that took place during the Viet Nam War. Sandy is a long time resident of both Eastern Long Island and the West Coast of Florida. He is retired from 25 years in the information technology business. He is an avid sailor with lots of experience on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico from Key West to Pensacola. He lives with his wife, Laura, where they enjoy sailing their Catalina 250. Sandy Can Be Reached at: [email protected] Visit Sandy at


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Him He created in form of His

Not when asked as how He did

Thought He fit in Genesis Two

To tell He used the dust for that

But to change tack after that,

So in time Muhammad told

Made Jibrail recite him

In the name of One who makes

Man on earth from clot of blood,

Failed as he then to enquire

Wherefrom He gets all that blood

And since God hath sealed His mouth

Knows not man the true roots of his.


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