An Old Rancher’s Christmas © D.M. McGowan, 2018

The ranch is lonely this time of year

Now that my sweetheart‘s gone

We hadn’t planned for either one

To leave for the great beyond


Hitched in harness, a team we where

Going the same direction

Pulling together we made a pair

But now it’s all reflection


Daughter found herself a man

And they’re off chasing the dollar

The boys the same, all working lives

But their kids pleasing grandfather


They don’t listen much to me

That life ain’t about the buck

I think you need beauty and humor

Or you’re just plain out of luck


That no one listens to me

Well I’ve got used to that

Horses usually take instruction

But cows no more than a cat


Always have to repeat myself

And some folks have to be led

Just like a pig I once had

Didn’t hear a word I said.


But the daughter called today

She’d been talking to her brothers

Said them and her husband agreed

And they’d talked some to others


They want to come back to the ranch

Her call gave me quite a lift

As the year rolls up to Christmas                

I couldn’t get a better gift.

David McGowan
Dawson Creek , Canada


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