By D.M. McGowan 2018


We spend a lot of time now

And the effort is immense,

Ensuring everyone’s included

And not left outside the fence


But this feeling of exclusion

It isn’t something real

It’s part of hearts and minds

What some people simply feel


But they were not really walled off

Or blocked by some social shield

The door was always open

Not locked, barred or sealed


If you want inside the herd

Say hello now and then

Start a conversation

With those inside the pen


Learn what the herd does

How they live their lives

What they think is moral

Their view of wrong or right


You don’t have to do things

The way that they all do

But remember if you’re different

Majority still set the rules


Nothin’ wrong with being different

Even if some think you strange

But don’t expect to see big smiles

When you demand others change.




David McGowan
Dawson Creek , Canada


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