Christian, What in this WORLD kind of LIGHT are YOU?

Are you a Spotlight?

Christians who are a SPOTLIGHT continuously, steadily and powerfully shine with a brilliant bright glow array…..

Because of God’s presence radiating from within them; they can be DISTINCTIVELY seen…even from far away.

They are brave and bold as they intensely shine brightly as true examples of being doers of the Word for God;

Their talk and their actions beam with an extraordinary range of brightness that exemplifies His genuine love.


Are you a Motion Light?

Christians who are a MOTION LIGHT quietly blend in with their surroundings but INSTANTLY LIGHT UP

in prayer, in talking about God or in giving Him Praises;

And they’ll also come on immediately; whenever evil comes within their radius.

Although they aren’t ashamed of who they are, they quickly turn on when something triggers their attention…

That makes them suddenly light up and speak out about their hope in Christ & they’ll give vent to the spirit without quenching.


Are you a Christmas Light?

Christians who are a CHRISTMAS LIGHT display themselves as being colorful, flashy, attracting and attention getters for a show.

They are Seasonal……..Some blink on and off……Some change colors or rotate…..They love being admired for their glow.

They blend themselves in with other materialist displays to magnify their own self-glorification;

And although they too can be spotted from a far off……they only display an illusion of illumination.


What kind of light do you want to be…… as a CHRISTIAN…… for this World to see??

Theodora Yeldell Mays
Seattle , United States Of America


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Latest Poem

I pull myself out of their indifference 

God is laughing at their missing conscience... 

They’ll pray and speak their good intentions 

They’ll eat your soul with their knife and vengeance 

And we need a miracle to get out of this war 

His conscience gone and they called him soldier 

He pushed them out beyond their borders 

He gave his love for lustful murder 

He won their lives saved his confessions 

And we need a miracle to get out of this one 

He spoke to devils in tall buildings 

They praised him high for all his winnings

Their lives had drained into his laughter 

His graves are foolish for his collection 

There is no miracle to get out of this one 

On their graves lies their discretion 

Their souls are chained and lost direction 

He collects their bones with good intention 

And he lives on without detection 

And he trusts a miracle will get him out of this one 

He'll dig your grave if it makes a difference.... 

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