Your Second Act

Your Second Act

Melodies that mingle, your concerto everyday
Tasking is the rhythm to aspire your ballet

Patterns of the past, our challenge to decant
Framing self esteem is our nature to enchant

Graduating phases, a puzzling game plan
The future is the epic of your evolving lifespan
Setting goals of fate, like chasing streetcars                 
Moving compositions to catch for memoirs

Stop phantom fear, find your inner guru
Second acts beckon for thoughts of the few

Timing is your gauge, intent is your leapfrog
Celebrated theater is your drama’s epilogue

Lee Johnson
United States Of America


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He is life,
A great, mystical tree,
Symbolic in nature,
Eternally free.
She is root,
Hidden, deep below,
With a foundation enduring,
She is a mystery to know.
Combined is the essence of Him.
Revealed is the depth of love Divine,
Captured, perfectly, over a history of time.
Good and bad,
Back to their own identity.
As it was in the garden,
The One tree of serenity.
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