Your greatest relief is to accept yourself exactly as you are because the only real misery is you wanting you to be in some other way. When it’s realized you have been hiding from yourself, there you are…


When the desire to reach for something arises it’s because the mind is in bondage to that particular desire. Until this is seen you will remain in bondage to the desired fulfillment of the next thing reached for…


To go beyond what you think is to truly be in harmony with life. Life’s energy will always be as it is, but you need to learn how to cooperate with it so your energy goes beyond the constant motion of thinking…


There are many situations throughout the day which provide the triggers to reach for an answer, but if there’s awareness of this those triggers will not produce the distracted reaching of needing answers…


Stand up for all your causes, do whatever it is you think you need to do, just don’t attach to it and watch how your triggers dissipate along with the unconscious thoughts that hold you in captivity…


It’s the worldly view of satisfying your self (”I”) that keeps you from a vision of seeing your own splendor, and this vision will only be revealed when you begin to look within…


A story is a crutch used to wish your life away as it keeps you from experiencing the present moment. It’s used as a crutch because what’s occurring right now is always what’s here as opposed to a story of needing the present moment different…


The only time there’s a struggle with life is when it’s made to be a struggle, this only occurs when the Conditioned Mind is in control. The mind will settle when the quality of acceptance is developed…


Understanding the phenomenon of memory and how it constantly uses pleasure is very important in breaking the chains of bondage; it’s the attachment to “I” that makes one only remember what’s pleasurable…


The more controlled you are by your thoughts the more severe the outcome will be, with the outcome being determined by how much of a hold the attached thoughts have over you…

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Latest Poem

He rode an old McClellan that had seen better days

But he sat up there like a king who controlled all he surveyed

His mount a buckskin mare as pretty as you’ve seen

With legs meant for working and eyes bright and clean

Behind him trailed a mule, a fine example of the breed

A pack piled high with goods but no halter or a lead


I asked him where he’s headed and where he might have been

The reason for his travel and what he might have seen

“I’ve seen the greatest country that God ever made

Sometimes mountain vistas, sometimes a grassy plain.

I’ve seen family members who make me feel ashamed

And many fellow workers who lie their way to fame


I’ve seen herds of caribou clicking cross the plain

Massive Mountain Grizzlies, great horses wild and tame.

I’ve seen massive progress ended by greedy fools

Or by those who need control and impose silly rules

And others stopping growth by thinking with their heart

When simple logic tells ‘em the horse is behind the cart.


We all get our little chance but others need a turn

The younger need some room to grow to build to learn

When I’ve done my time, my life here is thru

I don’t want my final vision to be only gloom and fools.

I’ll be free of all that as will the mule and mare

We’ve trod the greatest land, together scenery shared


It all makes my former life shallow and pale

And now where I travel nothing is ever stale

I’ve had my days of wealth measured in dollars and cents

With days, weeks and years surrounded by wall and fence

But now I have much more, a far greater treasure

Surrounded by natures wonders, beauty that can’t be measured



Any measure of success may not be right for all

The test that has some rise up will make others fall

I hope the path I travel and the message that I preach

Will be heard and understood by people that I meet

No one has the right to say that my view is wrong

Nor do I have the right to condemn another’s song


But enjoy the journey and help your fellow man

Have a laugh and learn, and make a proper stand

For something you believe, give it a proper fight

And if you should lose and you know you might

Within your heart you’ll know you did your very best

And did what you thought right when put to the test.

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