Out With the Old

Mental bondage to our old thoughts is only real to the level of the unawareness of this and because the bondage is so subtle even when there is awareness, it’s still difficult to let the new in.

So much goes on between the ears in our daily life that truly living in the moment in almost impossible, almost. This old mental bondage can be broken free of, but only when it’s seen for what it truly is, old. You cannot break free from the mental bondage if the old patterns that cause it aren’t identified; you don’t know what you don’t know. For many years I did things unaware there was another way to view life. I was caught in my old Conditioned Mind Patterns and nothing short of a miracle was going to change this. The miracle that did happen wasn’t from some outside source who chose me, I was made ready by reaching a place where there was nowhere else to turn but inward. When this happened, the old veil of ignorance was removed along with all of its lies. You can hold onto whatever you think you need, for me it wasn’t until there was nowhere to turn but inward that space was created which allowed the new in as the old patterns fell away. Space had to be created, if not the new would have never been allowed in.

I’m the same person I always was when it comes to my human form, but energy wise all has changed. I no longer see things from the stand point of the past and future because I’ve found they are the old patterns that hold me captive. The new is constantly exposing itself in the present moment and although the Conditioned Mind loves the old, if I want to break free from the old mental patterns that tried like hell to destroy me, things have to be discovered that reveal the new. This is what discipline allows, I had none so I stayed marred in the old and it wasn’t until there was space that the new took hold.

Michael Cupo
Clark, Nj , United States Of America


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