Skye Keller and cub reporter, Katie Pierce, begin an investigation into nocturnal crimes and strange goings-on, luring them into a secret world, where interlopers remain unwelcome.  The naive girls soon find themselves out of their depth, immersed in an international conspiracy, where factions of a powerful organization are waging war for the right to control the secrets to space, time, and life itself.

A Mystery Thriller for the discerning reader who enjoys puzzles, coded subtext, & riddles. Wide appeal for both sexes from YA to mature.  Print copies available NOW at Barnes & Amazon.  Soon at Apple ibooks and Kobo.  Digital available NOW!

More information at




I still need reviews for my Science Fiction book, The Trail in the Woods. Please let me know if you’re willing to write a review after you read the book. If you are willing to write a review, then I’ll send you a free Kindle version. Just send me an email with your name and email address. I’ll send you a copy of the book for free. There is no catch and the book is yours to keep even if you don’t write a review. Will you please help me? Reviews can make a huge difference to an author! Thank you very much, Stan...



Monnath books is thrilled to announce that after much deliberation we are officially going to be putting together our very first anthology!

“Through Death’s Door” is an anthology simply based on the concept of death and is not limited to any specific genre – so think about the paranormal, heaven, hell, resurrection, etc.

We are open to submissions from today and hope to close by July 1st 2019, although we may push this deadline forward or back based on how many submissions we receive and how fast the acceptances fill up.

There is no minimum word count, but the maximum is 5,000, and we are only open to ONE story per human. We are not currently accepting submissions for previously published works and will only consider edited stories; i.e., no first drafts! We will, however, fix minor details, such as typos, before publication.

If you are seeking an editor to look at your story prior to submitting, Lozzi Counsell, who is a part of the team, is a line editor. You can purchase one of her gigs, or contact her here:…/be-your-line-editor-for-your-book-… (This is purely an unlinked, professional service that does not guarantee your acceptance in our anthology.)

All submissions & queries are to be sent to:


All submissions emails must include:
• Your legal name and pen name,
• Your story’s title,
• Your story’s word count,
• ONE social media account that you’d like us to include in the anthology if you are accepted.

We will email everyone back after the closing date to let you know the outcome of your submission. If accepted, you will receive compensation in the form of a contributor’s copy (eBook) following publication of the anthology. The anthology will, however, be available for sale in both digital and paper form. Please note, this is an unpaid submission.

Just to reiterate, the email address to send it to is:

Good luck and happy writing!



Monnath Books

When you put God first and commit to Him, He will give you more; more peace, more love, more joy, better relationships, a stronger marriage, financial stability, a sound mind and body, etcetera. 

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Putting God first becomes second nature when you trust that God wants to give you the desires of your heart. When you know that you have been hand picked by God to live an abundant life, it makes it easier to commit to Him. 

Seeking the Kingdom of God is the first step to receiving the desires of your heart.  

Inbox for ordering info.



Annette Patterson

Happiness is ...
When the first two readers of your brand new book . . .Say this;
Awww, that made me tear up a bit. It's well written."
"Customer Review
5.0 out of 5 stars, couldn’t put it down
EditionVerified Purchase
This is a wonderfully written book that’s engaging, concise and inspiring. Keith grasped his uncertainty and fear to transcend what were his previous experiences of life’s limits that resulted in an expanded heart, soul, confidence and strength from confronting and overcoming several very serious health diagnoses. I’d highly recommend it.
Anonymously, Victor.
(Note: Victor is signed as the name, but it’s also a Latin word for winner or conqueror. There’s an opposing noun, victim. This is a story of a Victor, congratulations Keith!)
One person found this helpful

As a cancer survivor, I am proud to donate 25 cents for every copy of any of my books ordered to the American Cancer Society!



♥♡♥ Recommendation for you ♥♡♥
Story summary:
An inspirational story told by Eros, the son of Gods, in a desperate attempt to gain his father's approval he sets out to prove his worth. For Eros to execute such an impressive feat, he devises a unique plan to achieve his goal, and in the process, he creates the greatest supernatural gift that the Gods have ever given the world.
One dark and stormy night the first warrior goddess was created.
This is the story behind the journey taken by an ordinary being who was chosen for an extra extraordinary life.
Eros created a hero so powerful that even evil feared for the day that this child would grow up to realize her exceptional potential. And with this pending fear in sheer desperation, they do the unspeakable to try and stop her from discovering this unforeseen power that for now lay dormant within.
Defying all the odds, through all her trials and tribulations she rises to greatness in the quest to fulfill her destiny. Where the lifelong battle of good versus evil risks coming to an end.
Come join Dakota's epic journey and enjoy the adventures as she discovers her extraordinary powers and changes history along the way

Purchases of the first series of my novel Sword of Eros can be made from Xlibris - Amazon - Barnes & Noble - Baker and Taylor - Angus & Robertson - Foyles - Gardners - Waterstones - booktopia - Better read than dead - books kinokuniya - bookware - Microsoft store - Google books - Boomerang books- Abe books - book depository - fishpond - mighty ape books - kobo books - Alibris books - Biblio - Better world books - Wordery - Blackwells - Powell's - Thrift books - or @ My website:

Anyone from Australia interested in a signed copy contact me via email



A.L Bayliss

Patricia Pavlik is the most dangerous woman in America. That is, if only she could get back to America.
But the government can't afford to let that happen.

Quintyn Ames is 8,500 miles away, in America. He's a government researcher and known to be a troublemaker. But Quintyn is determined to get at the truth, and against all forces, try to bring Lt. Patricia Pavlik home....


Peter Gilboy

Learn how to save and make money at the same time.This program can give you the financial independence you have always been dreaming of.Read this exciting and free eBook to learn how. 


Frank Flandinette

Lola Marsh is the daughter of a crime boss, and has been longing to join the firm. Her dad Kieran dismisses the possibility and tells her to concentrate on marriage and children instead. She feels belittled and is determined not to give up on her dream. When circumstances change and Kieran is absent, Lola grabs the opportunity to get what she's always wanted and more. When she announces that she is taking control of the firm, she is met with derision. It is clear that she has a long way to go before she can prove herself, and she is not a patient young woman. It's going to take something shocking to make them sit up and take notice, and she is more than ready to give them a wake up call. Whatever she does has to show that she is even more remorseless than her dad, so with this in mind she commits an atrocious act that has the men on the firm running scared, but when she betrays her own family she knows she has gone too far. With nobody to turn to she wonders whether it has all been worth it. With other crime bosses lining her up in their sights, she has to decide whether to disappear in order to stay alive, or to run from the life threatening situation that she has found herself in, or to stay and fight a battle that she feels she has already lost....


Loulou Emm

Phillip is aware that his in laws tread a thin line with their illegal activities, but he doesn't realise the full extent until he steps out of line with his wife Issie. Overnight he finds himself forced to join their gangland firm. He intends to gather as much information about them as he can and take it to the police, but the London family are already one step ahead of him. They make sure that his first job is at the top end of the law breaking scale. If he reports them, he too will be facing a very long sentence. Surprisingly Phillip adjusts fairly quickly, and is soon immersed in a life of torture, murder, and loss. He is happy to be included in such a close knit family, but when his brother in law Jack meets a new woman she causes a divide between Jack and the rest of the family. They simply don't trust her, but without a solid reason for their concerns; he feels they are being unjust. Despite being warned to keep her in ignorance of their activities, he reveals more than he should. It is something that he will live to regret as the truth begins to come out....


Loulou Emm

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