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Set in 1978, Inside Out is a nightmarish story of a young actor who, after volunteering for a unique project to teach drama to inmates of the federal prison,months later finds himself locked in a cell as a convicted murderer. Where he now has already made friends and unforgiving enemies. It introduces the audience to a multitude of characters. Some good, some bad, and a few just evil.

Through flashbacks we follow Danny as he goes from a care free actor, who's only worry is knowing when his next audition will come, to a convicted murderer. His innocence fully revealed

There has never been a plot like this, ever. No book or film,as ever featured an innocent protagonist thrown into prison where he already knows some of the inmates. It is a fictional account of what happens to an “Everyman” that gets caught up in a system deliberately designed to treat all felons the same. It is a story of survival and the difference between justice as seen through the eyes of the law and true justice.



A woman begins having horrific nightmares that gradually last long and longer until entire days are almost consumed with reality and dreams merging together. After medical treatments are exhausted by she and her husband, reality emerges as a living nightmare until the ultimate truth is revealed. ...


You know the popular dinosaurs, but here's a book dedicated to the ones that history forgot! These are the awkward, strange and delightful dinosaurs you've never heard of! This book is a silly book about different make-believe dinosaur species who are downright awkward, but that doesn't stop them from being happy! This book has a colorful, fun illustrations and a nice message about being who you are and proud of it....


As Sarah experiences many of life's emotional ups and downs, during her early teen years, she is faced with many of life's challenges. In a time of what was to have been progress, there has also been what felt like a lifetime of struggles and failures. With her insecurites and the moments of questioning her own self worth, Sarah finds that there is an inner strength and she just needs to find it. She visualizes herself that in this life, there is a meaning to hers. Through the heartache of family and discovering the richness that lies within her, her life begins to unfold. Clinging to a world of uncertainty, she discovers a world she is about to travel. ...
Surrounded by family, yet seperated by war, boys that are now men have left for destinations unknown and of uncertainty. Time reflects on a Father, Grand Father and even a Great GrandFather, all serving in a war that was to have had purpose. 
Herman's letters are 3 years of writing, recalling each move. Traveling or sailing to many different countries. 
As I read about this man, who would someday become my Father, each moment held an event in time that I could only imagine, but never really know. 
Herman is a man of sincerity and humor, and having a strong bond for love and family. As Herman writes, I in turn share with you the moments he encounters as his life unfolds during this time of World War ll. We already know the outcome, as history has told us. Though for Herman's time he is unaware of what lies ahead. 

If you think that no one is above the law, you don't know your FBI.

In Your FBI, 15 FBI whistleblowers recount their efforts to reveal FBI wrongful and unlawful actions. Each whistleblower suffered brutal retaliation for upholding the oath of office, and the FBI and Department of Justice wasted millions in taxpayer dollars to suppress the whistleblowers instead of simply addressing the issues they raised.

FBI malfeasance profoundly affects the rights of US citizens. For example, a supervisory special agent in the FBI lab blew the whistle on the systemic false testimony and bogus science used in many thousands of trials. The FBI fired him and tried to force a gag order. Despite court orders that are now decades old, the FBI has not yet reviewed all of the tainted cases, nor have they informed all defendants or defense attorneys of problems in the trials. 16 prisoners were executed without knowing they might be due retrials, and others sit in jail today who also don't know they may be due retrials.

·      An agent was harassed until he retired because he stood up for a disabled vet who was removed from the FBI Academy solely for his disability, despite passing all agent requirements, including firearms and tactical training. The FBI then offered this wounded warrior a job as a janitor.

·      One highly ranked FBI employee was made to sit alone on the 24th floor of the New York office for years without equipment or work because he wouldn't rescind his report of timecard fraud.

·      An agent was fired for “tarnishing” the FBI's name when she told federal prosecutors that FBI employees were stealing from 9/11 Ground Zero.

·      An agent who was investigating whether white supremacists were planning a joint operation with an overseas terror group was removed from his casework when he reported an illegal electronic monitoring and records falsification. The terror case was closed without further investigation.

·      A whistleblower was fired because he kept reporting fake security clearance background checks.

·      Yet another, who was hired specifically to help revamp FBI procurement policies and procedures, was fired because he continued to report contract waste, fraud, and abuse.

Your FBI gives voice to these and other courageous FBI whistleblowers whose testimony the FBI sought to suppress.



Look up at the stars, my friends. Have you ever wondered what if?
What if there is life out there?
What if all of those conspiracy theories were real?
What if a place existed where everything you wanted to believe was real?

Come my friends and enter such a world.

Meet a young warrior gifted with an inner sight who can speak to spirits and animals.
Walk beside the Sabretooth, who is oath-bound to protect him.
Rescue an orphaned Polar Bear cub with undying loyalty.
Save a soldier from an Earth on the brink of mass destruction.
Befriend a giant from a distant past no one remembers.
Commune with a Raven who spies upon the ways of men.
Interact with beings who wield cosmic technology by thought.
Become the agent of a mysterious artificial lifeform who experiments with whole worlds.
Enter a Utopia destined to succeed or fail based on the choices which drive the hands of Fate.

Come with me, Travelers, and become part of a game. One played by entities of unimaginable power



ALINA: A SONG FOR THE TELLING is the coming-of-age story of a young woman from Provence in the 12th century who travels to Jerusalem, where she is embroiled in political intrigue, theft, and murder, and finds her voice.

“You should be grateful, my girl. You have no dowry, and I am doing everything I can to get you settled.  You are hardly any man's dream.” Alina's brother Milos pulled his face into a perfect copy of Aunt Marci's sour expression, primly pursing his mouth. He got her querulous tone just right.  Maybe Alina's aunt was right. She could not possibly hope to become a musician, a trobairitz—impoverished as she was and without the status of a good marriage. But Alina refuses to accept the life her aunt wants to impose on her. At the first opportunity she and her brother embark on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to pray for their father's soul and to escape from their aunt and uncle's strictures. Their journey east takes them through the Byzantine Empire all the way to Jerusalem, where Alina is embroiled in political intrigue, theft, and murder. Forced by a manipulative, powerful lord at court into acting as an informer, Alina tries to protect her wayward brother, while coming to terms with her attraction to a French knight.




CBI agent Buck Taylor is back in book 6 of the CRIME series by Chuck Morgan, 2020 Pacific Book Awards Best Mystery Winner for Crime Denied (Book 5).

Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent Buck Taylor and his team have investigated some interesting cases, but these may be their strangest cases yet. While Buck's team deals with a missing Native American woman, Buck is called to a small town full of conspiracy theorists to determine if the deaths of seven hikers, all who died under mysterious circumstances, is a crime or a natural phenomenon.

With time running out, Buck's team must deal with human skeletons, dermestid beetles, and a lack of evidence to try to save the missing woman. At the same time, Buck's investigation leads to hidden government bunkers, sonic weapons, bigfoot, alien abductions and a top-secret Cold War program that will send chills up and down your spine, to determine where the conspiracy theories end and the truth begins.



Autumn 1977. Thirteen year old cheerleader April Schweiter falls hard for Mitch Hudgins, putting an end to childhood and changing her life forever. April embarks on a coming of age journey full of angst and unanswered questions. And her dysfunctional family is only one of the problems in her way.

Classmate and wrestler Mitch Hudgins can't get enough of April either. She stirs in him surprising passion that is new, unfamiliar and needs to be explored. 

But they say goodbye when they attend schools in different towns, far away from each other. Surely staying together wouldn't have a chance of working out. But they were crazy for each other! Would breaking up have a chance of working out?

“You guys are the nicest friends anyone could have!” April choked down a sob. She was still emotional at the realization of the future of her romance with the guy who took her virginity, the guy who once told her he loved her, the guy she fought for, the guy with whom she was really very happy with. She was heartbroken but didn't know it yet.

This romance novel is the story of young love, hot and heavy, with all the drama of high school in the eighties. The ebook contains almost 40 Spotify music links on all the songs in the story, taking you there. 

“What are we going to do Mitch?” April whispered.

“I don't know April, I just don't see how…” This time it was April who kissed him. She didn't want him to say what he was going to say. Mitch didn't want to say it anyway. They wanted things to stay the way they were, but that was impossible.

Find out what happens to the star crossed lovers with the on again, off again romance riddled with breakups.



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Latest Poem

Dear Devil
How are you doing?
It may seem strange writing to you
But a lot of shit has been going on in my life
Right now, it feels awkward talking to God
And the church leaders are nothing but politicians
The rest of the congregation are just living scripted lives.

I don’t have to talk about the heathen
They talk about things they don’t even understand
They encounter knowledge too great for them
And end up destroying their lives
Whilst believing they are saving them.

I feel you are the only one I could talk to right now
At least, we have been through similar experiences.

You know how it feels to be cast out
You know how it feels to be rejected
To be chased far away from home
All because of one simple mistake.

I am tempted to ask how you’ve been doing lately
Like it’s been thousands of years.

Do you ever wish that day never saw its morning?
Don’t you for once desire to change fate?
That you could turn back the hands of time?
Before that very day.

Would you be angry if I asked?
Don’t you, for once, wish you never committed that hideous act?
Because right now, it feels the same to me.

I wish I never did what I did
But sometimes it feels different.

I don’t know how it would sound if I asked
Do you feel so deep that you can’t turn back?
Does the guilt hurt so much?
That the only escape is to kill your conscience.

Sometimes, I feel comfortable with the life I’m living
I think I cannot escape fate
That this is the reason why I was born
That the world needs people like you and me in order to thrive
Does it feel the same way to you?

Nevertheless, I am curious to know
Dear Devil
How have you been doing?
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