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Imagine an athlete so incredible that he dominates two sports – football and baseball – shattering records and lifting his team to championships every year. Doug Maxwell is a new kind of reluctant hero. A boy from a fractured home, he now has to overcome crushing criticism from the media, opposing players and the public. Deep down, Doug is a kind, giving man, who struggles with his own inner demons and human foibles. But he is not a cheat. Yet, Doug does have an incredible, supernatural secret. Having been bestowed amazing strength by an event in his childhood, Doug can now work towards fulfilling his greatest wish: to make his father proud. But as his abilities grow, so do his detractors. After reporter Sue Ohuna notices that something is not quite human about Doug, she risks her career trying to uncover his secret. As stakes get higher, Doug soon needs to make life-changing decisions. But can he fulfill his true destiny?...


Fierce warrior, Dhampir and Pureblood royalty, Dominic Rinaldi had everything but the one thing he desired - someone to awaken his heart. For centuries, he conquered Rogues, Purebloods, and other preternatural creatures. There was always another battle to be won.

After another long hunt, he decided it was time settle down, only to be betrayed in the cruelest way by his Pureblood girlfriend.

Heartbroken, Dominic gave up on finding love until he rescued a beautiful human from a vampire he thought long dead.

Chantelle Mallory was the woman he'd been looking for. The connection between them was immediate and sizzled with heat but would she be able to accept what he was? There were things in life even love couldn't overcome.

As Dominic struggled with his feelings for Chantelle, a new threat emerged that would shift the balance of power within the entire vampire species forever.



Detective David Knight lives in Birchwood, California. It is a small town in The Fiasco Valley of Elviño County, which is world famous for the wine it produces. The town seems idyllic until young, healthy, male, harvest workers start turning up dead. While trying to solve the crimes, David meets a beautiful Mexican woman and falls in love. Follow David as he does detective work in order to catch the killer, or killers, and solve the rash of murders. Keep following David as he runs from the drug cartels that have started their own country and as he escapes monumentally mad Martians. David's political views and psychological problems are often put on display and the results are rather amusing. It's a hilarious and informative look at life in a dull town in a wealthy valley that is beset by murders . . . or is it? Since this book doesn't really fall into an established genre, the author came up with a new one. VD is a political sarcastic comedy, and so falls into the new "Polisarcasmedy" genre. It could become a huge, popular genre if our politicians don't improve....


                    In the spring of 2014 struggling musician Mike Bradley is forced to do some manual work over the spring bank holiday to make ends meet. What was supposed to be a routine decorating job turns into a life changing decision.
                  Is the Memorabilia man all he appears to be? 
A story of loyalty and betrayal and a misguided sense of honour.




Divine Destiny, A True Story of God's Miracles and Deliverance Power"     This book will inspire you to believe in the miraculous.   It will restore confidence in your heart and allow you to believe that no matter what you are going through, you can be assured that there is a God who delivers.!



After his business partner commits suicide under mysterious circumstances, Doctor Lawrence Rosewood is unwittingly thrust into a desperate battle to stave off a consortium of criminals who have set their sights on gaining an unwelcome foothold in his Golden Ages chain of retirement homes.

At first glance, it appears to be just a normal takeover attempt, but when their sinister motivations behind the unsolicited move become apparent, the psychological chess match between Larry and his opponents turns deadly.

Rosewood's predicament worsens when he discovers that Ted Villeneuve, his best friend and business partner, has committed a crime that could cause their empire to disintegrate beneath his feet.

With his business and love life in disarray, Larry meets a young man afflicted with a rare genetic condition. Their instant friendship provides Doctor Rosewood with the inspiration and assistance to turn the game in his favor.

ONE LAST MOVE is a fast-moving suspense-filled tale, guaranteed to make you want more.  The plot is intricate but cohesive.  Rosewood's last move turns out to be an unexpected stroke of genius, bringing the fast-paced story to a satisfying conclusion.

Good reading for mature readers.



"The Holston Collection" is packed with action, thrills and suspense as well as some of the supernatural with a little time-travel and sorcery added for good measure. There's never a dull moment anywhere from cover to cover....


Sugar and Spite is about a young lady whose name is Ashley Reynolds who thought that she had the “Perfect Marriage” until she finds out unexpectedly not only about her husband Hunter's infidelity, but that he has another family on the other side of town.  The pain that she endures trying to keep this “secret” from her immediate family and close friends and the outcome of it all....


What is Tourette syndrome (TS)? To people who do not have it, it is probably not what they think. To fully understand this baffling disorder you must be afflicted with it. There is no other way. Even then, there are no guarantees. The everyday feelings and urges to perform the tics that are symptoms of TS are unlike any that a person without TS could imagine. There are as many cases of TS as there are people who have it. No two cases are exactly alike. This book was put together in
order to raise awareness for TS. After reading the stories you will not totally understand TS. That is a given. It is my hope that the readers will understand it just a little bit better. Even if just one person learns more
about TS or gains a greater understanding of TS as a result of reading this book, it will be well worth the time and effort it took to write it. Tourette syndrome is an often, misunderstood neurological disorder.  The main symptoms are what are called “tics”. A tic is defined as an involuntary, sudden, rapid, repetitive, unbalanced, motor movement or vocalization. The tics occur many times a day, nearly every day.  The most common motor tics are rapid eye blinking, shoulder shrugging,
squinting, and facial grimacing. Some of the less common tics include grinding teeth, neck jerking, flailing arms, biting nails, and toe curling.The most common vocal tics are throat clearing, sniffing, grunting, coughing, and stuttering or stammering.
There are a few important facts about TS that are important know.  Up to one in 100 schoolboys have some form of TS. Three to four males have it for every female. The diagnosis is often missed. TS symptoms usually decrease with age, but not always. TS is an inherited disorder.  Learning disorders, panic attacks, school phobias, speech problems, and sleeping problems are common too.  People with TS usually also have either ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), or OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Many people with Tourette's have both of these accompanying disorders.
When most people think of TS they think of the disorder where people with it swear uncontrollably and profusely. This symptom of TS (coprolalia) is the easiest symptom to recognize, but it is also the rarest.  It is important to remember that coprolalia is present in less than twenty
percent of TS patients.  Most people with TS, when describing a tic, say that they feel a sudden tension building up that must be relieved by performing the tic.
Tics are suppressible for varying lengths of time. The longer the tics are suppressed the more the tension builds up and the more there is a need to release them.
Another major characteristic of TS is a waxing and waning of the symptoms. This includes both a change from one tic to another, to the complete disappearance of symptoms for varying periods of time.  The tics usually begin during the ages of five through nine, but symptoms can start at any time. There have even been some cases where they started late into adulthood.
While motor and vocal tics are the main symptoms used to make a diagnosis, and they are what are most identified with TS, there are many other problems that can be associated with it, the main of which are behavior related.  The people with TS who suffer from these behaviors are often angry, argumentative, and confrontational. Everything has to be their way or
is someone else's fault. One minute they'll be fine and the next minute they'll be in a rage. They tease their siblings relentlessly. They have a short temper, smart mouth, talk back, throw temper tantrums over nothing, and won't take “no” for an answer. Many of them lie and steal too. Of course, it is difficult to tell if a person's TS is causing these behaviors or something else is, but many studies of TS patients have shown that these behaviors are much more common in them than in people without it.  I am proud to present my autobiography about my life with Tourette syndrome....


A college graduate, not to mention future father and husband--in that order--realizes he can make a living, or his living can make him.



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Don't I feel like a loser when I learn you're through with me.
It was news to everyone, especially to me.
Don't I feel pathetic, like there's something wrong with me.
She is far more beautiful than I could ever be.
I stand here null and solemn, though it must be written on my face,
that I've found before the world what you couldn't say to my face.
You blow right on by me with your new love, hand in hand.
So smug, haughty, and thoughtless.  You are not much of a man.
Filled with anger, through and through, I feel like I could drown.
I lift my glass and drink fast to chase the feeling down.
I close my eyes.  I still see your face.  Somehow I should have known.
You kill me inside with a passing glance, and now my heart grows cold.
So much time spent in a one sided love was wasted all on you.
Don't I feel like a loser for ever caring about you.

By Anne Rasico (Joyce)

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