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Freelance Book Cover Design

My name is Mike Martin. I'm a freelance graphic designer, animator and published writer based in the UK. Check out my portfolio on my website and get in touch if you need a free consultation and quotation.

Concept design
3D and 2D image creation
Final artworks in any format
Full book layouts for print
Single images for Kindle and eBooks

Mike Martin

Freelance Writer

Ian R Lottering


My name is Cindy Doty and I am a freelance proofreader. I specialize in fiction/non-fiction works. I believe that proofreading is not an expense but an investment in both your project and your reputation. I invite you to visit my website – – to view my rates and see what others have to say about my work. I would love to help you present a polished manuscript free of errors and ready for publication.  

Proofreading services.

Cindy Doty

Freelance Writer

Hen House Publishing brings over 25 years of professional writing and editing experience to fiction and nonfiction projects. Fiction work includes original short stories, novellas, full-length novels, and novel adaptation of screenplays. Nonfiction work includes blogs, brochures, white papers, proposals, marketing materials, business guides, and website copy. Projects address diverse client interests and span several genres. Receive courteous, professional service and top-notch writing.

For an overview of qualifications and client recommendations, visit the LinkedIn profile: 

Access writing and editing samples from the website:

Ghostwriting includes conducting the necessary research (usually for nonfiction), drafting the content, editing, revising per client feedback, and often formatting per the client's page specifications for delivery. Our ghostwriting process is collaborative, which takes a little extra time and results in well-written content that aligns with the client's intentions and exceeds the client's expectations.

Editing services combine copy editing and content editing. Hen House Publishing will correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, and sentence structure. We will strengthen weak writing, tighten flabby prose, clarify awkward phrases, and improve stilted dialogue. We will identify plot holes (fiction), inconsistencies, discrepancies, redundancies, and other flaws for remediation and suggest improvements where appropriate to enhance reader comprehension and engagement. All corrections, comments, and suggestions will be clearly shown on the returned documents.

Karen Smith

Book Production & Marketing

AG ONE ON ONE is the Single Source for all your Book Production, Marketing, Promotion needs. Over 35 years publishing experience on hundreds of different projects. Our services include: Editing, Cover and Interior Design, Typesetting, and complete Marketing-Promotion. We can lead you step-by-step through the entire book production and marketing process, set-up your distribution, and provide details about hundreds of promotional sources.

MARKETING, DISTRIBUTION & PROMOTION: Complete marketing/distribution services to properly launch your books into the world marketplace. With over 35 years of publishing experience, we have extensive expertise and contacts in the booktrade. We guide you through the entire marketing of your books by sending you electronic files with detailed information about each step in the process – including not only simplified instructions, but also complete details about the many hundreds of promotional sources available, such as: 

        Book Reviews and Awards, Exhibits and Trade Shows, Co-op Marketing, Radio-TV Talk Shows, Listing Sources, and more. You can quickly determine the costs, entry deadlines, types of books accepted, and details about the event – to decide if a source is right for you before even going to their registration-website.

E-BOOK & POD DISTRIBUTION: We can produce your E-Book front cover, coordinate E-Book conversion, and set-up Print-On-Demand (POD) and E-Book Distribution.

MANUSCRIPT EDITING: Complete copy/content editing, and proofing to prepare your book for production. (The editing process usually begins by editing the first few chapters of your manuscript for your approval before moving on to the rest of your manuscript.)

COVER DESIGN & PRODUCTION: In addition to cover design/production, we can also write (or aid you in writing) sales copy for your back cover and end flaps, produce galleys/ARCs, and guide you through soliciting review testimonials for your cover or jacket.

PAGE DESIGN, EDITING & TYPESETTING: Of your book interior complete with illustrations, photos and graphics ready for the printer or e-book conversion. Each book is designed to fit the subject of your book (we do not use preset cover and page templates). You own all rights to materials created for you.

Please see our website for further information and samples (

Alan Gadney

West Hills, Ca , United States Of America

Freelance Writer

Slavica Joković PhD, Doctor of Economics,Visiting Lecturer, published 4 books and 60 articles, specialized in the area of public procurement at International Training Center of the ILO, Turin, Italy, with the internships of 6 months at the EUROPEAN COMMISSION as well as 3 months at the BANQUE INTERNATIONALE A LUXEMBOURG; independent expert in public procurement policy with more than 10 years of relevant experience including: drafting amendments to the Public Procurement Law in Serbia and legislation proposals; providing consulting services to enterprises/bidders and contracting authorities, rules interpretation, EU rules governing public procurement, training delivery, such as Training of Trainers workshops on EU legislation on public procurement organized by the  ITCILO as well as workshops organized by TAIEX, seminars, conferences and workshops on national public procurement legislation.

Member of the academic research network “Public Contracts in Legal Globalization”

Associate Member of the Procurement Law Academic Network The PLAN Network

American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) Member

Writing/Academic Writing and Research, Book Writing, Report Writing, Speech Writing, Business writing, eBooks, Articles, Newsletters, Copy writing, Press Release, Travel Writing  

Slavica Jokovic

Freelance Writer


I'm Jazib, currently working in well know company and looking for part time earning apart from my work, as the pay i receive does not cover up my expenses.

i have experience in content writing for different categories, and previously i used to work in social media advertising.

Book Designers

Country Setting are a small independent family business based in the UK. We offer professional print book, e-book design, layout and pre-press solutions for authors. Our services include design: page formatting, book cover design - and editorial: copywriting and proofreading, and can prepare your output for digital and self-publishing packages.

Whether it's a novel, newsletter, film-script or educational book, we promise expert support and consultation for writers, aiming to answer all our clients'​ requirements and guarantee a beautiful end product.

Based in Kent & Devon (UK)

Print and e-book design: typesetting, page layout, cover and interior page artworking; e-pub, digital and self publishing guidance including pre-press or digital solutions. 
Editorial: proofreading, copyediting, editing. 
Promotion for writers and artists: website design, graphics, logos, flyer/poster design, social media consultancy.

Country Setting

Freelance Writer


Freelance Writer

My name is Kato Nkhoma. I have authored 2 books on Amazon and working on the 3rd one on purpose.

I am a married man with 2 children and currently serving as a missionary in Botswana.

My services include copywriting,  blogging, ghostwriting and anything to do with writing.


Tutume , Botswana

Freelance Writer

Hi. I AM Jnaha, a freelance writer and freestyle poet from Oakland, Ca. I have written a memoir (Book of Life Experienced), about my childhood life experiences of familial bondage, surviving childhood bullies, rivals, and unhealthy relationships. Written from the perspective of the main character Natiliha J'zi Johnson.

I also wrote an out of the box self-help book titled Who She Be!?; which depicts real life circumstances and ways to rise above. It covers side chicks, begrudged family, workplace interviews, and bullies. It also covers life experiences from an emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspect.

My third book is all poetry (spoken word, freestyle, and unorthodox)   (Bookstore)

My goal in life is to help the masses see and experience life from a different perspective. I stand for and with abused women and children. I speak for and with dark-skinned oppressed people of the earth. I represent the Universal laws of nature in all ways. 


I offer written advertising, and marketing services. I also write short stories with a life lesson moral in each one. I promote peaceful positive words. I am an asset worth taking a chance on. 


Oakland , United States Of America

Freelance Writer



Freelance Writer

I have started my career as  English teacher I have experience of teaching English conversation,  IELTS, Business Communication, and Literature. I love to write for the web with an ability to write, edit, and proofread. I have also written papers up to masters level and have  also written articles on business, law, literature and others.

Academic Writing and Article Writing                             Research and writing essays up to 10000 words.  Ability to write 3000 words academic  papers or articles within 24 hrs deadline

Sajjad Brohi

Karachi , Pakistan

Freelance Writer

Nicholaa Spencer is the author of the romance novel, "Marrying A Wannabe Nun."

She studied Information Technology in one of the premiere technological colleges in the Philippines and then took creative writing classes in The Open University. She is writing for Fiverr, 826 Writing Agency and for Hard Attakk Management, a Dutch company that is managing the hardstyle band hard Attakk. Nicholaa writes the story of the two masked members, releasing a chapter per year. A member of the International Association of Aspiring Authors and the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers, Nicholaa's aims are to broaden her audience, make new friends in the writing world and to see her book on the same shelf with the bestsellers.

Currently, Nicholaa is working on her second novel, "The Traitor's Daughter", while taking up ghostwriting and editing jobs. When not glued on her laptop, you can see her reading books, painting, walking her dogs, overdosing in coffee or binge-watching Game of Thrones.

Services Offered:

1. Ghostwriting novels/novellas/short stories (Fiction genre)
2. Proofreading novels/novellas/short stories/articles
3. Editing fiction novels (heavy editing to polishing)
4. Feature your book on my author site

Nicholaa Spencer

Freelance Book Cover Design

o    An innovative and award winning Visual Graphic Designer focused on user-centered gaming, mobile/tablet, web, social interfaces and visual graphics/illustrations for high-profile interactive entertainment and computer software companies.

o    I have the ability to graphically translate, create and art direct design strategies into highly successful interfaces and campaigns resulting in direct revenue growth.

o    Successfully conceptualized, designed, and produced cutting-edge interfaces, advertisements, and POC’s that address business, brand, market, and user.

o   I am experienced at managing, leading, and motivating a creative team as well as maintaining a hands-on approach.

o      Creative art direction and design lead (strategic and operational)

o      Clean pixel-perfect, high quality visual designs

o      Wireframe, storyboards, thumbnail sketches, prototyping, branding/style guides

o      UI/UX design trends and patterns for game interfaces, web and iOS/Android mobile apps

o      Visual design styling’s that target clients/project branding requirements

o      Marketing media; banner ads, trade show signage and demos, online/print collateral, email blasts

o      Iconography, Infographics, logos, branding, typography, page layout and color theory

o      2D/3D illustrations both traditional and digital

o      High-level executive PowerPoint presentations

David Ponce

United States Of America

Graphic Designer,Story boarding and Motion Graphic designer.

HI , I am Mahesh  Story boarding Artist ,Graphic Designer and Motion Graphic designer.

Graphic Designing, Story boarding, Character Designing, Motion Designing

Mahesh T

Freelance Book Cover Design

My name is Chana and I'm a freelance designer from Bangkok, Thailand. I am in a team of designers where we go by the name of TheBigSauce Design.

For more information, please visit my website at

website design & development, website maintenance, graphic design, and logo design.


Bangkok , Thailand

Freelance Book Cover Design

Hi, my name is Steve Criado and I am a designer and artist living in Youngstown, Ohio.  To put it simply,  I love to create things. I can lose myself in a design or sketch for hours and hours. Along with my wife and children it’s one of the happiest things in my life.


The excitement of taking a thought or idea and making it into a visual that makes other people think blows my mind every time! The joy of surpassing expectations from the people you do the work for. It’s there when I am in a drawing for a few hours and my knee starts to bounce, thats when I know I hit the drawing stride.


I have been working in illustration, print design, brand marketing, web design professionally since 2002. Over those years I have literally worked everyday on some type of design related project.  After work I balance being a husband/dad and night time illustrator. Some of my best work comes on a work night around 12:45 – knowing the alarm is set for 6:15.


The site is designed as an ongoing collection of what I am creating from daily work projects to the late night sessions. I hope you find as much joy in them as I had doing them. Thank you for visiting.

Cover Design, Illustration and graphic design. Digital and print marketing collateral, web design, email design, web banner advertisements. I have been illustrating professionally for more than 15 years and welcome any job big or small. You will not be disappointed I love what I do and it will show.

Steve Criado

Book Of The Day

Latest Poem

He rode an old McClellan that had seen better days

But he sat up there like a king who controlled all he surveyed

His mount a buckskin mare as pretty as you’ve seen

With legs meant for working and eyes bright and clean

Behind him trailed a mule, a fine example of the breed

A pack piled high with goods but no halter or a lead


I asked him where he’s headed and where he might have been

The reason for his travel and what he might have seen

“I’ve seen the greatest country that God ever made

Sometimes mountain vistas, sometimes a grassy plain.

I’ve seen family members who make me feel ashamed

And many fellow workers who lie their way to fame


I’ve seen herds of caribou clicking cross the plain

Massive Mountain Grizzlies, great horses wild and tame.

I’ve seen massive progress ended by greedy fools

Or by those who need control and impose silly rules

And others stopping growth by thinking with their heart

When simple logic tells ‘em the horse is behind the cart.


We all get our little chance but others need a turn

The younger need some room to grow to build to learn

When I’ve done my time, my life here is thru

I don’t want my final vision to be only gloom and fools.

I’ll be free of all that as will the mule and mare

We’ve trod the greatest land, together scenery shared


It all makes my former life shallow and pale

And now where I travel nothing is ever stale

I’ve had my days of wealth measured in dollars and cents

With days, weeks and years surrounded by wall and fence

But now I have much more, a far greater treasure

Surrounded by natures wonders, beauty that can’t be measured



Any measure of success may not be right for all

The test that has some rise up will make others fall

I hope the path I travel and the message that I preach

Will be heard and understood by people that I meet

No one has the right to say that my view is wrong

Nor do I have the right to condemn another’s song


But enjoy the journey and help your fellow man

Have a laugh and learn, and make a proper stand

For something you believe, give it a proper fight

And if you should lose and you know you might

Within your heart you’ll know you did your very best

And did what you thought right when put to the test.

View More Poems Read More
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