My Beginning Game, Without End (A Handbook to Self-Renewal)


My Beginning Game, Without End (A Handbook to Self-Renewal) is the author's personal map which allows her continued Joy and Happiness and Awareness.  Kaye A. Peters comes from her heart and effortlessly explains how she wraps up Thanksgiving and Christmas Morning in every NOW moment, each TODAY, each THOUGHT and CHOICE  she makes as she enjoys the privilege of living her increasingly long life!  This book is the Flagship of the trilogy of Kaye A. Peters' books!

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About the Author

Author Name : Kaye A Peters

     Kaye A. Peters began a blog,, in July, 2015, at the age of 78. Two years later, she began writing books! Unbridled Commentary...Without Flinch (From a woman of years in the 'middle' of her life) published in 2017, The Book of Kaye (I AM), published in 2018, and My Beginning Game, Without End (A Handbook to Self-Renewal) published early 2019. Kaye's mantra, "Just Sayin'" is who she is! She has produced hundreds of totally unscripted videos and live streams on her Facebook page She is a transparent writer and doesn't hesitate to share with her readers and her audience at large on the internet. Her books receive 5-star reviews Will she write more books? "Probably not, but I'm always sayin' somethin' about somethin' and people can find me at my blog and my Facebook page."


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Latest Poem

I was alone

when I went searching

   for your face

in all the crowded bars

where love hides out

under an assumed name.


There were many other faces

decorated with whiskey smiles

   and anxious lips

ready to whisper

anything I wanted to hear

but never telling me

what I really

   needed to know.


Why do those faces

always look so desirable

   at night

and so terribly lonely

when the morning sun

invades my one-room world

and splashes across

   the tumbled bed?


I didn't know your name


or even what you looked like.

But I recognized you

by the sadness

in your eyes.

   Or was it

the reflection

of my own

lonely stare?

(Excerpt from the “Sadness of Happy Times” by Lou Duro:


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