Pip of Sedro Woolley


What if there were creatures among us who are real alien Pleiadians?


Twelve-year-old Esme and ten-year-old Simon are biracial siblings who have a secret reality. They're part of a Cabal of super-sentient creatures, animals and people, who are related to visiting extra-terrestrials.


When their mentor Caroline, a psychic and healer, dies, they must step up. There is something in her shed that locals and government agents would love to find, dissect, destroy, and suppress. Even their own father might think they are mad, and the town of Sedro Woolley, WA, knows madness, as the home of the now-abandoned Northern State Hospital for the insane. Local people make Caroline into a heretic and a witch. Social service people and school bullies go after them for being “not normal.”


Simon, a hybrid with regular ET contact, could be sent to be “cured” or “saved” and re-programmed.


Can they, mere children, but starseeds, survive and triumph even though most of society sees them as dangerous, evil or crazy?


A story based on real accounts of contact with UFOs and aliens, and the channeled messages of Pleiadians

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About the Author

Author Name : Ruta Sevo

     Sevo is a boomer, a woman of the sixties. Her fiction probably involves foreign travel, spirituality, the conventions of love, and finding yourself. She has published four novels, most recently Pip of Sedro Woolley (2019), My Boat Is So Small (2017), White Bird (2014), and Vilnius Diary (2011).


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Latest Poem

How foolish do you have to be to fall so completely?
Thinking we were lovers,
Now realizing it was nothing.
Forgetting the simple rule,
To look before you leap, 
And living a fool's paradise.
Falling in love with such a mystery,
But having no one to pick you up.
Being led on and on a foolish dream,
Thinking about what may be.
Now realizing your love was fake
And your heart was black.
Confined between hell and paradise in
A vicious cycle.
Bound from aspiration
To a masquerade act.
Clinging to salvation with
Seeds of self-destruction.
Laughter shifts to whispers,
Blinded from illumination.
Revenge forgoes redemption.
This is a fool's paradise.
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