Shiver and Fears: No Body Park


Kyle has been with his aunt for days and not a single person has been at the park. The park that seems empty, but truth is tons of people go there. During the night, when most people are sleeping. But Kyle will soon learn the truth of why everyone doesn't go to the park. Because no one can see them! (starring Kyle Massey)

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About the Author

Author Name : AJ Hard

     writing books at the age of 16 Asia Hardwick started his dream of publish writing after graduating high school with the publishing name: AJ Hard. This author wasn't in on the fame, but for the encouragement of future author around the world to write and book and share with everyone.


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Latest Poem

  A gentle breeze blows in the warm summer air, 
     pebbles and sand beneath my feet.
          An ocean mist sprays my face
            as I uncover my nakedness.
         A gentle breeze against my skin.
           If only Love could find me
         the way the sea wants to take me in.
           Salty water rushes to shore, 
         knocking my skinny body down
                to the soft sand below.

    Cool water rushes round my tender skin.
  One naked soul hidden only by the foam 
        of the waves under a dim moonlit night.

   A cool rush frees my soul as I run back to shore,
     refreshed by nature in the warm summer air.
          Standing naked among pebbles and sand.
                 If only Love could find me 
                 standing here at the shore.

            S.M. Jordan 2004


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