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❝The Right To The Truth❞

For families & friends of patients with cancer

ISBN 978-618-83380-0-5

Consider the book as a Christmas present, to be given to a special loved one.

Merry Christmas 🎄🌟🎁📚🎁🌟🎄📚

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I.C. Papachristos
Thessaloniki , Greece


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He is life,
A great, mystical tree,
Symbolic in nature,
Eternally free.
She is root,
Hidden, deep below,
With a foundation enduring,
She is a mystery to know.
Combined is the essence of Him.
Revealed is the depth of love Divine,
Captured, perfectly, over a history of time.
Good and bad,
Back to their own identity.
As it was in the garden,
The One tree of serenity.
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